Welcome to the part where I write about myself in the third person to explain why I’m so amazing and how you have to hire me because of all the skills and experiences I have that make me so much better than every other nerd behind a camera.  Here goes:

   Pat Fenelon was born and raised in picturesque New England where he had the opportunity to grow up close to the ocean and the mountains. He studied Mass Communications and Film at Green Mountain College and Castleton State in Hippyville, Vermont as he began traveling and competing as a sponsored snowboarder.

   His early experiences with professional film and photography were as an athlete, featured on the pages of snowboarding magazines and in films. Through his adventures snowboarding, and after enough injuries, he made the transition to visual story telling behind the lens full time. He still enjoys a good powder turn.

    Today, Pat has traveled much of the world working on countless films as a Director, DP, and editor. Most recently Pat has shot commercial spots for brands like LIFEPROOF, NEW ERA, BF Goodrich, and The Utah board of Tourism. Directing professional athletes like Rally Car Psycho Ken Block, Surf God Rob Machado, and Olympic Golden boy Sage Kotsenburg. In 2014 he directed, filmed, and edited an X Games “Real Snow” film with super pro snowboarder Bode Merrill, which won X Games Gold.  In 2015 he directed, filmed, and edited another “Real Snow” with Mass-hole Chris Grenier which earned the two of them X-Games Gold medals on The ABC World of X Games show on prime time where they made “Real Fools” of themselves trying to talk on National TV.

   Pat’s passion for film bleeds through his work and some times from his body as he balances his love for ground breaking stylish action in remote locations with state of the art camera gear. His cinematic style transcends generations and boundaries as he finds inspiration shooting on everything from his 1970’s Nizo super 8mm camera to his 2070’s RED Weapon in 8k resolution.

   There is no project too big or small for his vision, he enjoys learning, and the challenge of each new creative project.

Lets make something good.


photo: Kyle Martin

photo: Kyle Martin